So Alone For So Long

So Alone For So Long
1 So Alone For So Long

The Story behind the Single

This song is about a universal experience – the feeling of loneliness. The lyrics capture the sense of floating away from everyone, and floating towards nothing in particular.
Regret is stitched deep into the song – the first three words are “Father forgive me.” What starts as a simple tale of extended loneliness – so alone for so long – becomes something darker as the song goes on.
When one is alone, what can provide relief? Sleep can. “Sleep, shut off the doors tonight,” the song goes. But then what stops a man from seeking a longer, more permanent sleep? That’s the question the song poses, and the music video darkly answers.
The music video was shot with Flyght Club’s friends from film school, and casts a neon-colored spell on the viewer.
Release Date
July 28, 2019

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